British Improv Roleplay is a server orginally started by a group of friends who found they all had the same passion for GTA 5M
but found servers were missing something! British Improv Roleplay was set up to give that unique edge to 5M.
We quickly appointed a dedicated City Tour Guide, whether your new to 5m there is always new things for you to learn!
All vehicles in our city, including NPC vehicles are themed around what you would see on the streets of England.
Are you looking for a role in an important role? we are always looking for people to join the
•EMS and
• Mechanics Department.
Would you like to make your own gang? and be a leader? or a lone wolf, who can work under the radar?
the possibilities are endless!
We are a whitelisted city, but no complicated applications to complete, Get whitlisted in just a few clicks, once you have joined our Discord
Would you like to be a law abiding citizen by day, and criminal by night? No problem! you can make two characters for exactly this reason!
Are you a streamer? or do you use a controller? no problem! Our server is streamer, and is controller friendly!